Michelle Huang Scott

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Born and raised in the outer sunset of San Francisco, CA, Michelle grew up in a home where compassion was the center of her family. She watched her parents serve selflessly to those who needed help. As her parents built a lifestyle and a non profit to serve the disadvantaged, Michelle quickly jumped in to help her family keep on task, naturally a problem solver, she created relevant earned revenue streams to create sustainability for the organization. She joined SF City Impact in 2001, working alongside her father and mother to help support their efforts. She has been elevated in her role to ensure all aspects of SF City Impact is set up for success by creating processes and optimization that allows for efficiency and accountability. She was the last in her family to marry and have children. Time and the thought of having a family was not on her radar as her job consumed her free time while balancing a social life. Through juggling relationships, friendships, and occupational dynamics, she married in 2010 and in 2013 had her first child Hunter, Isla in 2014 and Reine in 2017.

Hunter would be the one in her life that will forever open her up to a whole new world with a set of new issues to solve. Although not easy and often filled with uncertainty, the reality that her son has been met with developmental delays and requires much needed access to resources that are affordable and accessible took on an entire new way of life and purpose. Isla, becoming a product of her environment, has created her own ways of coping with the demand of her brother becomes less than ideal. All the roadblocks that she encountered with getting her son the help he needed is what has propelled her to create an initiative to bring resources to the families who need them. In Sept 2016, as she was trying to balance the demand of her job and the reality at home, she launched a company called Hunter's Threads a used kids clothing line (online and brick and mortar) that takes a portion of sales to provide funding to host therapy play groups hosted by therapists for kids and families with special needs. She closed Hunter’s Threads and was promoted to take on more of a leadership role at SF City Impact in July of 2017. During that time, Michelle founded a non profit called, “Threads For Therapy” and introduced this business concept to SF City Impact in 2018. SF City Impact is the first organization that will run the Threads For Therapy program and together they have created its first brand partnership in 2019. All proceeds will benefit the TFT Program for SFC City Impact. Threads For Therapy (TFT) is scheduled to launch on June 29, 2019. TFT will be a resource to families and children of the community and SF. TFT is a RELEVANT ADVOCACY CLOTHING BRAND that advocates for children with special needs. TFT is set out to be a life style brand that allows ANYONE, ANYWHERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Help us bring TFT to the streets. Shop TFT.